*** 2009 West All Stars ***
2011  Brooklyn
Jr. Prep All-Star Game
Game Results
*** 2009 East All Stars ***
2009 Highlights & Inverviews
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Metropolitan New York City AAU
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Joe De Siena Xaverian
West Team
Danny Perez
Ft. Hamilton
East Team
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East Staff
ERASMUS: Raymond Lizzi, Rudy Bentley, Gene Dabady
West: 26
East:  24
Congratulations to the West Team and coaching staff on a hard-fought victory over a tough East squad!
East All Stars
West All Stars

Game MVPs

Jonathan Troche, East

Deonte Roberts, West
Game MVPs Jonathan Troche (left) & Deonte Roberts (right) with trophy sponsor Anthony Barnes, Head Coach of Nazareth High School.